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Discription:                Well...simply put, Durian is a fruit: a big, green      thorny fruit. In fact, it is considered "King of the Fruit". In fact, the actual status of Durian is "THE GOD OF ALL FRUIT!" No kidding! Yeah, yeah, I know, some (unadventurous) people would rather die than to smell the STINK of a durian. Heck, a few countries even BAN the presence of durian in selected public spots due to its offensive smell (that, to me, is a hopeless rule just like outlawing fart, when we know that it is such a pleasure and EVERYBODY secretly doing it!).


Planting Countries:   South East Asia

Season:                       Throughout the year                            

Durability:                   Room Temperature 3-5 days               

Nutritive Value:       100g=90kcal(377KJ) Lot of vitamin B1 B2and C



Durian Ice Cream 
Yield = 4 servings


Durian ice cream has a lovely,subtleflavour.The canned fruit will not  impart a fragrance to the ice cream




1.    Place ice cream in the refrigerator to soften about 10 minutes while preparing the durian.

2.    Drain juice from durian and reserve the juice to add to pineapple juice, orange juice, or as a topping over ice cream.

3.    Puree the durian chucks in a food processor, blender, or mash well with a fork.

4.    Place softened ice cream in a large bowl, add durian puree, and blend the mixture.

5.    Repack and freeze.

For best flavor, use the durian ice cream as soon as it hardens or within a day or two.