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Light Soup



Light Soup

Light soup is dish combined of meat, fish and vegetables, and ultimately combined in one pot.


500 g beef meat
500 g fish ( fresh fish, smoked fish or codfish )
20 g ginger
30 ml tomato puree
400 g fresh tomatoes
1 tbs coarse red pepper or fresh pepper
400 g garden eggs
1 tbs salt ( to your tast )
150 g onions
200 g okro
1 to 2 litres water



Cook garden eggs, evt, fresh pepper and ginger for about 30 min. At the same time start simmering the meat with thinly sliced onions and salt, until the meat is tender. NB: When using codfish, it's advisable to soak the fish in water overnight, to eliminate the saltiness, or just don't add salt at the start.

Puree garden eggs, pepper and ginger with a little bit of water (stock rest from garden eggs, pepper and ginger), and add it to the steamed meat. Add 1 to 2 litres water. Add the tomatoes, fresh and puree, Okro and fish. (if it's fresh fish, wait after the fresh tomatoes has been blended, before adding ). Let it cook for about half an hour, take the tomatoes out and blend it, and add it to the soup, evt. Add the fresh fish.

Correct seasoning to your taste, and cook it for about half an hour more.
Serve with rice or fufu.