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500 g dried chilli
1 kg onions
800 g of tomato puree
4 big roots of ginger
3-4 tsp. of salt
500 g of dried grounded smoked shrimps, or dried grounded smoked herrings, or dried grounded smoked crayfish.
2 litre vegetable oil
2-4 f.x. marmalade bottles

Use the majority of the oil, to blend chilli, onions and ginger (No water should be added). Put the mixture in a big pot, add the salt, grounded shrimps and the rest of the oil in the pot and mix it well. Cook the mixture, (stir it constantly to prevent it from burning) until it's dark brown. Take it off the fire and let it cool down a little bit. Wash the marmalade bottles with water several times, first with soap water, afterwards with clear hot water, and leave it to dry. Fill the shito in the bottles and close it tight.
Can be used as dip, with rice, with egg, or add to the food you like hot. Warning: If you are not used to hot spices, be careful not to eat too much at a time!